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Computer Virus and Malware Removal

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Computer Virus and Malware Removal:

Every now and then, our computer or laptop devices are stuck with an unwanted program that automatically downloads itself from the Internet and ruins our files and computer, making it slow and even sometimes total failure of system.


Our team at Midland PC Repairs is fully equipped with solutions to all your computer virus and laptop virus problems. We also remove malware from your computer that tries to steal your personal information and distribute it on the Internet. Following are some signs that your computer might be infected with such programs:

Signs of a computer or laptop virus:

  • Your computer seems to be running much slower than normal.
  • Your browser is displaying unnecessary Popup windows and Ads.
  • Your browser is automatically taking you to unwanted websites.
  • Your computer is freezing and you are unable to work.

Are you facing similar problems with your computer, laptop or network?

Our friendly team is ready to help!


You can call us on 0434 589 495 for SAME DAY SERVICE.


We at Midland PC Repairs can also deal with removal of Ransomware, Cryptoware programs such as Scareware, Screen Lockers, Encrypting Ransomware, BadRabbit Removal, Wannacrypt, Petya-Esque, PC Cyborb etc.


We will visit your premises on the SAME DAY and will advise you with possible solutions. Yes, we are available on Weekends also. You can also drop your computer and laptop at our premises for a SAME DAY SERVICE.

Why Choose Us:


  • We aim to provide SAME DAY SERVICE to our customers in Midland and surrounds.


  • We come to your HOME or OFFICE for the fastest possible response.


  • We work on a NO FIX means NO CHARGE basis.


  • NO SURCHARGES or HIDDEN CHARGES, we  only charge as quoted.


  • Certified Technician with an experience on more than a decade.


  • We GUARANTEE the quality of our work and service.


  • We have EARNED REPUTATION for our work done in the past. See our Google Reviews.


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