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Laptop Screen Replacement in Midland.

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Laptop Screen Replacements:

Things happen, we drop our Laptop accidentally or sometimes by choice, expect the unexpected and break our laptop or tablet screens. With a lot of work to do, the laptop screen must be fixed the same day.


Our team at Midland PC Repairs is fully equipped to replace your laptop screen the SAME DAY and get you back on track with your work. Most common size laptop screens will be replaced the SAME DAY at Midland PC Repairs.

We can replace laptop screens for most common brands such as Dell, HP, Compaq, Acer, ASUS, Alienware, MSC, Gigabyte, Microsoft Surface Pro, Google Chromebooks, IBM Laptops, Lenovo, LG, Samsung, Toshiba and SONY VAIO Laptops.

Are you facing similar problems with your computer, laptop or network?

Our friendly team is ready to help!


You can call us on 0434 589 495 for SAME DAY SERVICE.

Why Choose Us:


  • We aim to provide SAME DAY SERVICE to our customers in Midland and surrounds.


  • We come to your HOME or OFFICE for the fastest possible response.


  • We work on a NO FIX means NO CHARGE basis.


  • NO SURCHARGES or HIDDEN CHARGES, we  only charge as quoted.


  • Certified Technician with an experience on more than a decade.


  • We GUARANTEE the quality of our work and service.


  • We have EARNED REPUTATION for our work done in the past. See our Google Reviews.


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